Japanese Cybercultures

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After English, Japanese is the most widely used language on the Internet. This is the first book to analyze the different applications and uses of the Internet in Japan. Introductory chapters focus on the development of the Internet in Japan, the online dynamics of Japanese language use and the differing ways in which broad groups such as men, women and students use the Internet. Other chapters look at Net use by specific subcultures including religious movements, political parties, gay men and people living with AIDS.


Acknowledgments Contributors Introduction 1. The Internet in Japan Nanette Gottlieb and Mark McLellend Part I Popular Culture 2. Individualization, Individuality, Interiority and the Internet: Japanese University Students and E-mail Brian McVeigh 3. Deai-Kei: Japan's New Culture of Encounter Todd Joseph Miles Holden and Takako Tsuruki 4. Larissa Hjorth 5. From Subculture to Cyberculture: the Japanese Noise-Alliance and its Utilization of the Internet Costa Caspary and Wolfram Manzenreiter 6. Filling in the blanks: Lessons from an Internet Blues Jam Gretchen Ferris Schoel Part II. Gender and Sexuality 7. Challenging Society through the Information grid: Japanese Women's Activism on the Net Junko R. Onasaka 8. Cybermasculinities: the Internet and Men's Groups in Japan Romit Dasgupta 9. 'Net'-Working on the Web: Links between Japanese HIV Patients in Cyberspace Joanne Cullinane 10. Private Acts/Public Spaces: Cruising for Gay Sex on the Japanese Internet Mark McLelland Part III. Politics anbd Religion 11. The Great Equalizer? The Internet and Progressive Activism in Japan David McNeill 12. Creating Publics and Counterpublics on the Internet in Japan Vera Mackie 13. Language, Representation and Power: Burakumin and the Internet Nanette Gottlieb 14. Activism and the Internet: Japan's 2001 History-Textbook Affair Isa Ducke 15. Self-Representation of Two New Religions on the Japanese Internet: Jehovah's Witnesses and Seicho no ie Petra Kienle and Birgit Staemmler Bibliography


"This books, with its wide range of subject matter, rich details, and informative analysis is a fascinating snapshot, not only of the varieties of Japanese cybercultures, but also of many Japanese subcultures and of contemporary Japanese culture overall....[It] provides a useful portrait of a complex society struggling with the manifold effects of a vitally important social and technological phenomenon."
-"Journal of Japanese Studies
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