Historical Dictionary of Nepal

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September 2003



TheHistorical Dictionary of Nepal provides a detailed historical account of Nepal along with a picture of Nepal's contemporary political scene and development. For those readers whose familiarity with the country is limited as well as for those whose experience goes well beyond rudimentary knowledge of Nepal, this dictionary will serve as a valuable reference book.


Chapter 1 Maps Chapter 2 Tables Chapter 3 Editor's Foreword Chapter 4 Acknowledgments Chapter 5 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 6 Notes to the Reader Chapter 7 Chronology Chapter 8 Introduction Chapter 9 THE DICTIONARY Chapter 10 Appendix: Prime Ministers and Council Chairmen, 1951-2003 Chapter 11 Glossary Chapter 12 Bibliography Chapter 13 About the Authors


Nanda R. Shrestha was born and raised in Nepal. He is currently Professor of resource and cultural management in the School of Business & Industry at Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, Florida. Keshav Bhattarai was also born and raised in Nepal. Currently, he is Associate Professor of geography at Central Missouri State University.


This book is a valuable quick reference to a wide range of Nepali people, places, institutions, and social practices. Although not the first encyclopedic compilation of information on Nepal, it is the most comprehensive to date. Certainly the dictionary itself constitutes the bulk of the text, but a collection of statistical tables and a historical chronology at the beginning of the book are also quite useful. A thirty-four page introduction to Nepal additionally helps provide a context for many of the entries that follow...this is a valiant effort at providing a reference work on the whole of Nepal. Its entries on people and institutions from the 1950s to the present are especially extensive; and in the chronology and introduction, the authors have provided a useful overview of political changes since 1990. For anyone who has spent hours digging through field notes trying to find a tidbit of historical information dutifully recorded a decade or two ago on a Nanglo's napkin, this dictionary is a most welcome compilation. Journal of Asian Studies This historical dictionary is well timed and relevant to modern concerns of the region...this is a good start to understanding the history of a culture virtually unknown in the West...Students and scholars of Asia as well as general readers will benefit from this source. American Reference Books Annual
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