Looking Within/Mirar Adentro: Selected Poems/Poemas Escogidos, 1954-2000

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Dezember 2002



A bilingual edition of poetry from an important Cuban poet.The African Cuban poet Nancy Morejon set out at a young age to explore the beauty and complexities of the life around and within her. Themes of social and political concern, loyalty, friendship and family, African identity, women's experiences, and hope for Cuba's future all found their way into her poems through bold metaphor and tender lyricism. This panoramic anthology, selected from ten volumes of Morejon's work and organized by theme, contains some poems that have already been acclaimed in several languages, others that are less known, and some never before published. Overall they present to Morejon's readership an enhanced, broader, and updated spectrum of her poetry in a Spanish-English edition.Although Morejon does not sympathize as much with intellectualized feminism as with "street" feminism (the kind that erupts with force as it confronts daily life), her poems illuminate issues in women's existence. Without intending to, she has revitalized contemporary Caribbean feminist literary discourse. One can find in her work the tensions between colonizer and colonized, dominator and dominated, and at the same time enjoy the sheer beauty of images depicting suffering, strength, and hope.Poet, essayist, critic, editor, journalist, and translator, Nancy Morejon was born in the Los Sitios district of Central Havana in 1944. Her first book, Mutismos, was published in 1962, and she has collaborated throughout her career with leading musicians, playwrights, and actors. She has recently extended her artistic talents into the plastic arts. Morejon now directs the Caribbean Studies Center at Casa de las Americas, Havana,epicenter of Cuban and Latin American intelligentsia.


Juanamaria Cordones-Cook is associate professor at University of Missouri, Columbia. She is author of Teatro negro uruguayo (Editorial Graffiti, 1996) and Poctica de transgresion en la novelistica de Luisa Valenzuela (Peter Lang Publishing, 1991). Member of the Uruguayan Academy of Letters.

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