Manuel de Falla: His Life and Music

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Drawing extensively on primary sources, this study in three parts provides a detailed biography, examines the most prominent aspects of Falla's character as they pertained to his relationships with other composers and his own music, and sheds light on his creative process as a composer through examination of many of his works with reference to original scores and correspondence, many of which are published here for the first time. A chronological photo section rounds out this offering of great significance for music teachers and students as well as those with an interest in Spanish culture.


Part 1 Credits Part 2 Musical Examples and Tables Part 3 Titles of Musical Works (Spanish-French-Latin-English) Part 4 Abbreviations and Useful Addresses Part 5 Acknowledgments Part 6 Chronology Part 7 Introduction Part 8 Part I: Biography Chapter 9 1 Cadiz (1876-1897) Chapter 10 2 Madrid (1897-1907) Chapter 11 3 Paris (1907-1914) Chapter 12 4 Back to Madrid (1914-1920) Chapter 13 5 Granada (1920-1939) Chapter 14 6 Argentina (1939-1946) Part 15 Part II: Facets of Falla's Life and Works Chapter 16 7 Falla in His Religion Chapter 17 8 Falla as Educator Chapter 18 9 Falla and the Piano Chapter 19 10 Bach-Scarlatti-Chopin-Beethoven-Romanticism Chapter 20 11 Louis Lucas Chapter 21 12 From Folksong to Plainchant: Musical Borrowings and the Transformation of Manuel de Falla's Musical Nationalism in the 1920s Chapter 22 13 Falla in Europe: Relations with His Contemporaries Chapter 23 14 Alexandre Tansman Remembers Manuel de Falla Chapter 24 15 Manuel de Falla's Personal Library and Insights into the Composer's Annotations Part 25 Part III: Works Chapter 26 16 Youthful Period (1896-1904) Chapter 27 17 Period of Consolidation of Musical Language (1905-1914) Chapter 28 18 Andalusian Period (1915-1919) Chapter 29 19 Period beyond Nationalism (1920-1926) Chapter 30 20 Period of Research for a Universal Synthesis (1927-1946) Part 31 Genealogical Record of Manuel de Falla Part 32 Bibliography Part 33 Index Part 34 About the Author and Contributors


Nancy Lee Harper is Associate Professor of piano with aggregation at the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.


...full of interesting anecdotes not to be found elsewhere. Times Literary Supplement
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