Reorganizing the Factory: Competing Through Cellular Manufacturing

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Cellular manufacturing principles, applied to either administrative work or production, are fundamental building blocks for lean and quick response organizations. Reorganizing the Factory is the definitive reference book in this important area.


1. Competing through Cellular Manufacturing 2. A Closer Look at Cells: What They Are and the Forms They Take 3. Why Cells Improve Performance 4. The Planning and Implementation of Cellular Manufacturing Systems 5. Factory Planning 6. Detailed Planning -- One Cell at a Time 7. Understanding Cell Performance Using Modeling 8. Determining the Economic Value of Cells 9. Performance Measurement for Cells 10. Cost Accounting and Cellular Manufacturing 11. Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Cells 12. Job Design and Daily Work in Manufacturing Cells 13. Selecting and Training Cell Employees 14. Compensation Systems for Cell Employees 15. Planning for Cell Implementation and Managing the Change 16. Common Problems in the Design, Justification, Implementation and Operation of Cells 17. Improvement and Evolution of Cells 18. Reorganizing Office Work Using Cellular Principles 19. Future Changes and Challenges Appendices.


"This book will serve as a field-guide for companies who are looking to increase throughput, decrease cost, reduce inventories and leadtimes. Many books I have read have merely touched on the subject of cellular manufacturing, which on the surface appears to be an easy concept to grasp, however as any brown field practitioner will tell you; cell implementation is destined for failure or mediocre results without an understanding of the cultural and systemic changes required to enable and sustain the gain. In Reorganizing the Factory, Hyer and Wemmerlov have decoded the DNA of cellular manufacturing to ensure maximum results and sustainability."
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