Dancing on the Glass Ceiling

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"A wonderful, insightful book to guide women to the top of the pyramid and to their fullest potential as leaders and women in the fullest sense of both terms."--Mark Bryan, author of "The Artists' Way at Work
"Freeing, insightful, validating, and, best of all, practical. Any woman who reads this book will be forever changed by it."
--Patricia Aburdene, author of "Megatrends for Women


Nancy Fredericks spent over 20 years managing Operations and Human Resource functions in a variety of large law and CPA firms in L.A., eventually reaching a Director position in a Big Five accounting firm. She is the founder and president of Nancy Fredericks International, a 12-year corporate consulting firm specializing in improving business results by shifting people and processes. Candy Deemer has 20 years' experience in the advertising industry. She devoted the last 17 years to DDB Worldwide Communications in L.A., where she rose through the ranks as a "trailblazers" - the first woman in to hold a position in each management position. Candy has managed major accounts in the health care, airline, finance, fashion, fragrance, packaged goods, and fast food industries. She has extensive experience and connections in new product marketing.

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