The Women's Guide to Successful Investing

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Women now occupy every walk of corporate life and are, in growing cases, the breadwinner of the family. Yet the one area where women are not thriving is in the management of their own growing portfolios. The 2011 Sullivan Trust Study reveals that women now yield unprecedented economic and financial clout making up nearly two-thirds of the U.S. work force and frequently out-earning their spouses. Yet many advisors overlook women, still speaking to them primarily through their partners or husbands, if at all. It's time for all this to change. Nancy Tengler has the investing experience and here, reaches out to women in a credible way to help begin the process of change for this community. For women, finding an adviser who speaks their language is key. Presentations that focus on a portfolio's return, investment style, market capitalization, and performance compared with a benchmark tend to resonate with men, while women prefer a more personalized conversation that focuses on goals. This book introduces women to wealth accumulation strategies that can be implemented with success. Tengler utilizes her successful career as an investment professional to reveal techniques to identify and purchase stock in high-quality investments. By providing the tools necessary to identify sound managers and their strategies, the reader will develop both the expertise to invest directly and through well-managed bond funds. This technique is unique to The Women's Guide to Successful Investing and is especially important for investors to master in these volatile markets.


Chapter 1: Wealth Accumulation Is An Attitude - Investing for your future requires a few goals and much less capital than you think. Chapter 2: Why Women Make Excellent Investors - Women inherently display the traits required for successful investing. Chapter 3: In Order to Get There We Need to Know Where We Are Going - Establishing financial goals informs successful savings and investment plans. Chapter 4: Developing an Investment Discipline That Will Achieve our Goals - For the diligent student and practitioner, investing - like any skill - can be perfected. Matching our investment strategy with our goals is paramount. Chapter 5: Developing an Investment Discipline That Will Achieve our Goals - Continued - The stock market is a tug of war between fear and greed. Arm yourself with the tools to succeed. Chapter 6: Construct Your Portfolio Like a Dinner Party Invitation List - Holdings should be balanced and behave well if things get out of hand. Chapter 7: Meet Your Research Team: A Smart Phone and Sirius XM Radio Account - Accessible and timely financial information for busy women. Chapter 8: Apple Computer - A Case Study in How to Select a Core Holding - A role model investment you will want to emulate. Chapter 9: A Case Study of a Stalled Luxury Brand: Coach, Inc.-Whether Coach bags fit your budget or style, we can learn a great deal from this Fallen Angel. Chapter 10: Stocks to Own for a Lifetime - Identifying industry leaders provides the conviction required to buy stocks we are willing to hold for decades. Chapter 11: ETFs to Own for a Lifetime - How women investors can get their groove back. Chapter 12: Five Critical Lessons and Warnings - Don't touch a hot stove, don't talk to strangers and other lessons for the ages. Chapter 13: Eleven Intelligent Investing Rules - And One More for Good Measure - Rules for women to invest by. Chapter 14: If You Are Going to Hire a Professional Investment Advisor, Let's Make Sure You Hire the Best - You really can do this on your own but for those of you who won't, consider the following guidelines. Glossary of Investment Terms - Mastering the language will provide you with confidence and will broaden your knowledge base. Appendix - A List of Investing and Research Websites


Nancy Tengler joined Fremont Investment Advisors as President and Chief Investment Officer in 2000, and was named Chief Executive Officer of the firm in April 2001. At Fremont, Ms. Tengler oversees all the firm's investments and is a member of the strategy team managing the Fremont New Era Value Fund. Ms. Tengler coauthored a book entitled Relative Dividend Yield: Common Stock Investing for Income and Appreciation, also from Wiley-VCH. She has appeared on numerous financial radio and television programs including CNBC, CNNfn, and Bloomberg, and has been quoted in financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Fortune, Forbes, and BusinessWeek.


"The Women's Guide to Successful Investing is almost like getting Nancy Tengler to manage your investments. Her 'Intelligent Investing Rules' combine the best of Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, and John Bogle, but Nancy's approach is easier to understand and implement. This is a great handbook for any investor, man or woman." - Dr. John Rutledge, Professor, Claremont Graduate University, Chief Investment Strategist, Safanad, Author, Lessons from a Road Warrior, former Presidential Advisor "This book fills a gap for those of us who know how to make money, but know less about how to invest it. As Tengler points out: women tend to live longer, and investing our assets sensibly is the only way to maximize our hard-won success and retire comfortably." - Susan Varga, COO, Kudlow & Co., LLC, Radio Producer, nationally-syndicated "The Larry Kudlow Show" "In The Women's Guides to Successful Investing, Tengler shares her secrets for busy women who know very well how to make money but now want to learn how to invest it. Since an enormous percentage of women will at some point oversee the family wealth, increasing their knowledge and comfort with the process will grow the balance sheets of families across America. And that benefits us all. A must read for mothers and grandmothers and daughters and wives and every man who knows a woman." - Dr. Arthur Laffer, Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates, former economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan "This book should be required reading for everyone, beginning in high school. Tengler possesses the marvelous ability to explain complex financial concepts in everyday language. There are excellent references throughout for additional in-depth study as well as lifelong financial planning tools." - Peter Allison, President and Founder, IDM LabTrack Inc. and IDM AgriTrak Inc., Lecturer, Arizona State University W. P. Carey Graduate School of Business "Nancy has de-mystified the complex subject of stock investing, and her tremendous passion for empowering and encouraging women to start investing comes through on every page as she shares her own investing strategies, both the wildly successful ones and her 'learning opportunities.'' - Sharon Lechter, CPA CGMA, Author of Think and Grow Rich for Women, Co-author of Outwitting the Devil, Three Feet From Gold, and Rich Dad Poor Dad "Nancy Tengler spent decades developing the timeless investing principles she shares in The Women's Guide to Successful Investing. Men and women alike can benefit from these time-proven investing principles. I highly recommend buying the book, studying the principles, and applying them to your investing." - Horace "Woody" Brock, Ph.D., President, Strategic Economic Decisions, Inc., New York "Nancy Tengler spent over twenty years managing the money of some of the nation's largest corporations and wealthiest families. I only wish she had written this book twenty years ago when I was first learning to invest. Buy it. Read it. And share these treasures with the women you know and value." - Mary Ryan, Director of Operations, Strategic Economic Decisions, Inc., New York
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