Informed Treatment: Milieu Management in Psychiatric Hospitals and Residential Treatment Centers

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A narrative bibliography that examines the most effective writing in book and periodical literature about inpatient hospitalization and residential treatment.


Nancy Britton Soth (M.A., New York University, M.L.S., University of Minnesota) is an administrator at Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals for nearly twenty years in a variety of positions, including director of research and family services coordinator.

Pressestimmen exemplary reference book that belongs at the core of every RTC [Residential Treatment Center] library, needs to be by every RTC director's reading chair, and needs to be readily available to all RTC staff. Residential Treatment For Children and Youth ...a timely and well-written book that should serve as essential reading for all mental health professionals. Five stars. Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal The author has provided an invaluable service by synthesizing a diverse and scattered body of literature on the subject of milieu management. This volume is intended not only for those who design and carry out inpatient psychiatric treatment but also for "the librarians who inform this effort." Bulletin Of The Menninger Clinic ...a well-written and well-referenced review of the literature...informative and worthwhile reading. Journal Of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services
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