Reminiscence Therapeutic Intervention

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Aging is associated with poor mental health in some older people especially the institutionalized elderly; where low levels of life satisfaction and self-esteem are major problems. The study results indicate that depression amongst elderly people in the institutions is due to loss of independence, inability to continue previous occupation, feeling of isolation and loneliness, lack of privacy and meaningful occupation. In addition, this book demonstrates that reminiscence program significantly improves self-esteem, lessens the feeling of loneliness, and promotes life satisfaction among elderly. Although reminiscence program did not significantly reduce the level of depression, improvement was noted after reminiscence program in reducing level of depression post intervention when compared to pre intervention. Participants enjoyed participations in the program, they felt well and developed closer relationships with each other. The researcher concludes that reminiscence is an effective intervention with minimal harmful side effects which can help elderly people adapt to the aging process.


Dr. Naglaa Mostafa has obtained her PhD in 2011 in geropsychaitric Nursing- Faculty of Nursing Cairo Uiversity-Egypt. The author had designed many in-service educational programs for nurses working with elderly people in residential homes. The author also designed an Arabic booklet about reminiscence intervention for elderly caregivers.
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