Numerical Modeling for Electromagnetic Non-Destructive Evaluation

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Dezember 1994



This text on numerical methods applied to the analysis of electromagnetic nondestructive testing (NOT) phenomena is the first in a series devoted to all aspects of engineering nondestructive evaluation. The timing of this series is most appropriate as many university engineering/physics faculties around the world, recognizing the industrial significance of the subject, are organizing new courses and programs with engineering NOE as a theme. Additional texts in the series will cover electromagnetics for engineering NOE, microwave NOT methods, ultrasonic testing, radiographic methods and signal processing for NOE. It is the intended purpose of the series to provide senior-graduate level coverage of the material suitable for university curricula and to be generally useful to those in industry with engineering degrees who wish to upgrade their NOE skills beyond those needed for certification. This dual purpose for the series reflects the very applied nature of NOE and the need to develop suitable texts capable of bridging the gap between research laboratory studies of NOE phenomena and the real world of certification and industrial applications. The reader might be tempted to question these assertions in light of the rather mathematical nature of this first text. However, the subject of numerical modeling is of critical importance to a thorough understanding of the field-defect interactions at the heart of all electromagnetic NOT phenomena.


Introduction. The electromagnetic field equations. Analytic
methods of solution. The finite difference method. The finite element
Elliptic partial differential equations. Finite difference
of elliptic processes. Finite element formulation. Boundary
volume integral and combined formulations. Parabolic
differential equations. Hyperbolic partial differential
Miscellaneous numerical methods. Index.


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