Archaeologies of Memory

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April 2003



A unique collection of newly written essays by archaeologists working in a variety of contexts and geographical areas, "Archaeologies of Memory" is a groundbreaking text that presents a coherent framework for the study of memory in past societies. Serves as an accessible introduction to central issues in the study of memory, including authority and identity, and the role memory plays in their creation and transformation. Presents a collection of newly commissioned essays that provide a coherent framework for the study of memory in past societies. Brings together essays from both anthropological and classical archaeologists. Includes contributions drawn from a variety of cultures and time periods, including New Kingdom Egypt and the prehistoric American Southwest.


Preface. Notes On Contributors. 1. Archaeologies Of Memory: An Introduction: Ruth M. Van Dyke And Susan E. Alcock (Colorado College; University Of Michigan). Part I: Memory Studies With Access To Texts: 2. Echoes Of Empire: Vijayanagara And Historical Memory, Vijayanagara As Historical Memory: Carla M. Sinopoli (University Of Michigan). 3. Memory's Materiality: Ancestral Presence, Commemorative Practice And Disjunctive Locales: Lynn Meskell (Columbia University). 4. Memory Tattered And Torn: Spolia In The Heartland Of Byzantine Hellenism: Amy Papalexandrou (Independent Scholar). 5. Glories Of The Past In The Past: Ritual Activities At Palatial Ruins In Early Iron Age Crete: Mieke Prent (University Of Amsterdam). 6. Concrete Memories: Fragments Of The Past In The Classic Maya Present (500-100 AD): Rosemary A. Joyce (University Of California, Berkeley). Part II: Memory Studies In Prehistory: 7. Creating Memory In Prehistory: The Engraved Slate Plaques Of Southwest Iberia: Katina T. Lillios (Ripon College). 8. Memory, Mounds, And The Mississippian Argument Against Structure: Timothy R. Pauketat And Susan M. Alt (University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign). 9. Memory And The Construction Of Chacoan Society: Ruth M. Van Dyke (Colorado College). Part III: Caveats And Commentaries: 10. The Familiar Honeycomb: Byzantine Era Reuse Of Sicily's Prehistoric Rock-Cut Tombs: Emma Blake (Stanford University). 11. The Translation Of Time: Richard Bradley (University Of Reading). Index.


Ruth M. Van Dyke is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Colorado College. She directs archaeological research in Chaco Canyon and in the Four Corners region of the American Southwest. She has recently published work in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology and American Antiquity. Susan E. Alcock is John H. D Arms Collegiate Professor of Classical Archaeology and Classics at the University of Michigan. Her publications include Graecia Capta: The Landscapes of Roman Greece (1993), Placing the Gods: Sanctuaries and Sacred Spaces in Ancient Greece.


"In this exciting and interpretively timely volume, archaeology and social theory intersect to explore the materialization of memory. Drawing on diverse case studies, from historical and prehistoric contexts across the globe, contributors expand dimensions for critical understandings of 'the past in the past." Wendy Ashmore, University of California, Riverside "Memory is a locus of struggle over identity, authority, and power. This collection represents the first serious attempt in archaeology to examine this struggle. As such, it is a path-breaking volume that all archaeologists need to read and contemplate." Randy McGuire, Binghamton University "The distinguished editors, an anthropological archaeologist and a Classical Greek archaeologist, have gathered a formidable team to explore memorizations over a vast span of time, space, and cultures, from the Old World to the New, and from prehistory right up to the present." Paul Cartledge, University of Cambridge "This is an excellent book which acheives what it sets out to do - to place memory more firmly on the research agenda of contemporary archaeology." Journal of Field Archaeology, Vol. 29, 2002-2004
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