Recovery from the Depression: Australia and the World Economy in the 1930s

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April 2002



A comparative study of Australian economic policy during the Great Depression.


List of authors; List of figures; List of tables; Preface; 1. An overview R. G. Gregory; 2. The Australian recovery of the 1930s in international comparative perspective Barry Eichengreen; 3. The recovery of the 1930s and economic policy in Britain T. J. Hatton; 4. A macro interpretation of recovery: Australia and Canada Alan G. Green and Gordon R. Sparks; 5. Depression and recovery in New Zealand G. R. Hawke; 6. The Japanese economy and economic policy in the 1930s Tasukichi Yasuba; 7. The battle of the plans: a macroeconometric model of the interwar economy T. J. Valentine; 8. Australian budgetary policies in the 1930s J. J. Pincus; 9. Monetary policy in depression and recovery M. W. Butlin and P. M. Boyce; 10. Sharing the burden: the Australian labour market during the 1930s R. C. Gregory, V. Ho and L. McDermott; 11. Manufacturing and economic recovery in Australia, 1932-1937 Mark Thomas; 12. Agriculture and the recovery from the depression B. R. Davidson; 13. Unemployment and the Australian economic recovery of the 1930s C. Forster; 14. Government unemployment relief in the 1930s: aid or hindrance to recovery? G. D. Snooks; 15. Unequal sacrifice: distributional aspects of depression and recovery in Australia Ian W. McLean; References; Index.
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