The Practical Guide to Aging: What Everyone Needs to Know

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At last, there exists a single, accessible manual that covers every aspect of getting older. Written by the top experts in their respective fields, A Practical Guide to Aging asks, and answers, the questions that concern us all. Informative charts and graphs supplement concise, sensibly structured chapters on individual subjects, making the book well-suited both for casual reading and handy reference. A comprehensive listing, organized by category and with vital information, of major national and regional organizations that deal with aspects of aging is also included, as is an annotated bibliography that steers readers to other works of interest written for a general audience.


"A compact reference, filled with down-to-earth help for aging baby boomers planning ahead for their own retirement years or for their elderly parents who are already there." --Publishers Weekly "Informative, comprehensive, and clearly written, this genuinely practical guide ... emphasize that individuals should take substantial roles in dealing with their own aging... Up-to-date lists of print and electronic resources add much more information." --Booklist "This is an important new reference book about aging that is written for the general population by a group of authors who know geriatrics and gerontology well... Offers practical information on a wide range of issues concerning aging, including important medical, social, legal, financial, and ethical considerations for growing old responsibly and successfully. Health and human service professionals will want to recommend this guide to aging clients and their family caregivers." --Science Book and Films
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