Archaeological Method and Theory: An Encyclopedia

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Thorough coverage of all aspects of archaeological workThis encyclopedia brings together the most recent scientific information on a collection of subjects that are too often--and inconveniently--treated in separate publications. It provides a survey of archaeological method and theory, as well as the application of physical and biological sciences in archaeological research. Every aspect of archaeological work is represented, from the discovery process to the ultimate disposition of materials. Thus the reader will find entries on subject matter covering: *disciplinary theory *legislation affecting the work of archaeologists*pre-excavation surveying*excavation methodology*on-site conservation techniques*post-excavation analysis The most current explanations of analytical technologyThe rapid evolution of analytical technology is often superficially treated or not covered at all in textbooks or other commonly available sources. Here, the latest refinements in techniques such as radiometric dating, stable isotopic analysis, and the PCR technique of DNA analysis are presented clearly and authoritatively. The discussion of these techniques is amplified by including results of the work of professionals conducting interdisciplinary research and by covering the methodological enhancements provided by the physical and natural sciences. Important information on legislation affecting archaeological workCultural property legislation, regardless of its country of origin, has affected how archaeologists conduct their work. This encyclopedia covers all major U.S. legislation developed for the protection of cultural property, including the recent NativeAmerican Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and offers a substantial article on worldwide legislation concerning the reburial of human remains and its effects on the present and future practice of archaeology. Full attention to the importance of conservation techniques


Select contents: Abandoned Shipwreck act Archaeometry Computer Simulation Dating, Method and Theory Ethnoarchaeology Georadar Industrial Archaeology Luminescence Dating Marxist Archaeology Native American Graves Protection and Reparation Act Optical Dating Human Paleopathology Quantitative Methods Reburial, International Perspectives Seismic Refraction Surveying Site Mapping Social Archaeology Underwater Archaeology X-ray Fluorescence Archaeology Zooarchaeology


Linda Ellis received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Harvard University. She is currently a professor in the Department of Classics and Classical Archaeology and Director of the M.A. program in Museum Studies at San Francisco State University. She has published two books and many articles on the applications of science to archaeology, ancient technology, and East European archaeology. In addition to conducting on-going surveying and excavation of sites in Romania, Dr. Ellis is a National Museum Surveyor for the American Association of Museums and an advisor to museums throughout the world on protection of preventive conservation and cultural property.


"This encyclopedia should be strongly considered for purchase by any library supporting academic programs in the field of archaeology. There simply is no other reference work currently available that surveys the discipline as broadly and technically as this fantastic encyclopedia."
-American Reference Books Annual, 2000
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