Undimmed Lustre: The Life of Antony Tudor

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Undimmed Lustre: The Life of Antony Tudor is a chronological biography of one of the most creative forces in dance of the 20th century. Born in 1908 in London, Tudor was raised in a lower middle class family on the streets of London's meat market district. Although he had no formal exposure to dance, he spent the first decade of his professional life as one of the founding members of the Ballet Rambert.


Chapter 1 1 Growing Up: 1908-1928 Chapter 2 2 The London Decade: 1929-1939, Ballet Rambert Chapter 3 3 The First Ten Years at Ballet Theatre Chapter 4 4 The 1950s Chapter 5 5 The Metropolitan Opera Chapter 6 6 The Juilliard Experiment Chapter 7 7 The Peripatetic Tudor: The 1960s Chapter 8 8 A New Ballet and Failing Health Chapter 9 9 The Last Hurrah Chapter 10 10 Afterward Chapter 11 11 An Envoi Part 12 Appendixes Chapter 13 A Chapters 2-8: The Ballets and Critical Response to Them Chapter 14 B Glossary of Ballet Terms Chapter 15 C Chronology


Muriel Topaz had a distinguished career that included work as dancer, teacher, choreographer, reconstructor, author, Labanotator, dance panelist, adjudicator, editor, and board member for dance companies and organizations throughout the world.


In presenting a precise and factually correct account of his life, Topaz has done a favor to him and to us all. Dance Chronicle [A] goldmine of information presented in a lively style. Dancing Times A must for ballet collections...Highly recommended. CHOICE
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