Effect of natural diets on reproductive performance of pearl gourami

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November 2011



In ornamental fish culture unpredictable and variable reproductive performance is an important limiting factor for successful mass production of juvenile.Trichogaster leerii (Pearl Gourami) is a exotic, popular aquarium fish and fetches high price in the Indian market. Unless the technology of breeding of any species is developed, it is difficult to conserve the biodiversity as well as adoption of that species on commercial scale for export. Finding of reproduction study of this species can be successfully applied to many other gouramis. Thus, attempts were made to observed the effect of different natural diets on reproductive performance of T. leerii. The implication of the result and suggestion for future research were discussed in detail.


Murari Satyavijay Bhalekar, M.F.Sc (Aquaculture), fromCollege of Fisheries of Dr. Balasaheb Sawant KonkanAgriculture University,Dapoli, Ratnagiri (M.S.) India.
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