Effects of non-heterosexuality laws on Zambia's fight against HIV/AIDS

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The goal of the research was to assess the effects of containment of non-heterosexuality on Zambia's fight against sexual contraction and transmission of HIV. Containment referred to the Zambian government's use of the penal code to regulate sexual activities outside the norms of heterosexual sexual intercourse. Focus was on males.Findings revealed that religious, societal and political attitudes towards issues of sexual minorities to be cold and hostile.Challenges identified in addressing the fight against HIV for non-heterosexuals were found to be; first,negative laws and attitudes towards sexual minorities affected their access to sexual health information and services; Second, existing laws and attitudes denied sexual minorities an opportunity to adopt safe sexual practices in their sexual interactions; third, a number of homosexual men and MSM remained untested for HIV because of their assumption that they were not at risk for acquiring HIV through anal sexual intercourse; and five, there was possibility of spread of HIV to women through transmission of HIV to women engaged in heterosexual acts with male partners that contracted HIV through homosexual sexual intercourse.


Mundia Libati holds a Masters in Social Development and Sustainable Livelihoods from the University of Reading, United Kindgom and a Bachelors of Social Work obtained from the University of Zambia, Zambia. He is currently working as Lecturer at the University of Zambia.
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