Media Coverage of China-Africa Relations

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November 2015



Africa talked to the BBC more frequently than those who appreciated what China is doing in Africa. As such, in the BBC online news narratives, criticisms of China- Africa relations were more pronounced. From this, one can conclude that the BBC, as the Western liberal media, seems to reflect the foreign policy direction of the Western governments in relation to Chinese investment in Africa. The BBC and ETV online news narratives presented China- Africa relations differently. This might be attributed to the fact that they are informed by two different models of journalism: ETV follows the development journalism model, whereas the BBC adheres to the liberal model.


I am an Ethiopian, East-Africa. I have specialized BA in broadcast journalism in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia and MA in journalism and communication. I was one of the gold medals graduate of 2009. I have been serving as instructor since 2013 at Dilla University-South Ethiopia. I am also serving as department head of journalism and communication
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