Radon Concentration Levels in the Fault Zone Areas of KPK, Pakistan

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Dezember 2011



Inhalation of radon (222Rn) and its daughter products can cause lung cancer to human beings. Recent studies in different countries have shown that radon and its short lived progenies contribute the largest fraction of dose received by the general public from the environment. This makes the role of radon measurement in dwellings highly critical in monitoring human health and safety. An enhanced radon concentration had been observed in soil, air and water samples above many fault zones of the world. It is also revealed that radon concentration changes in conjunction with the earthquake. The detailed literature review on radon concentration levels in fault zone areas of the world is given in this book. Also the study of indoor radon concentration levels in the fault zone areas of Khyber Pukhtoonkwa is also presented. This book will help the graduate students and teachers doing research in environmental radiation dosimetery field.


I graduated from Unversity of Peshawar with MSc in Physics. then i have completed my M.S degree in radiation Physics from COMSATS Istitute of IT. These days i am doing my Ph.D from International Islamic University and aslo teaching there.
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