Land Use and Land Value in Urban Fringe Area of Khulna, Bangladesh

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Mai 2010



Change is a continuous process, but learning is optional. Ecosystem and land use on the surface of the earth undergo changes over time. The planners have made a number of studies on rural- urban land use and its intensive use in a number of countries. Despite land use change in the sub-urban areas has significant roles in both urban and regional planning, it has long been ignored by planners. In the light of the above statements, it becomes evident that in-depth studies of sub-urban land use changes characteristics are needed particularly in the developing countries like Bangladesh. Proper policy guidelines are needed to addressee the emerging problems associated with land use change vis a vis increasing on land value in the fringe area. The present study tried to find out land use transformation in one of the fringes area of Khulna city. This study also identifies the trend of land use pattern and causes of land use change in the fringe area and makes relationship between land use and land value. This analysis should be especially helpful to professional in urban planning fields or anyone else who interested in land related issues.


Muhammad Rashidul Hasan is a Lecturer, Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh. He received his Bachelor in URP degree from Khulna University.He participate in various national seminars and has a number of publications to his credit. He is a member of Bangladesh Institute of planners.
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