Car Care Q&A: The Auto Owner's Complete Problem-Solver

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April 1992



Based on Schultz's 26 years of writing Popular Mechanics' "Car Clinic" column, this indispensable book has it all. Auto owners will find out how to touch up nicks in the paint, when to replace antifreeze, how to detect a braking deficiency before it becomes serious, and much more. Features hundreds of the most frequently asked questions, plus 50 illustrations.


What You Need to Know About Buying the Right Products and Services. Maintenance: How to Get a Car to Achieve Senior Citizen Status. Sure-Fire Cures for Those Nagging Engine Performance Problems. You Don't Have to Put Up with Noise, Vibration, or Odor. How to Resolve "High-Cost" Engine Problems. How to Avoid If You Can, Resolve If You Can't, Brake/Steering/Suspension/Tire Trouble. Drive Train: Ways to Overcome Transmission and Differential Malfunctions. Our Prescription for Happy Motoring--A Sound Mind in a Sound Body. Fixing Accessories That Blow Hot or Cold When You Want Them to Blow Cold or Hot. Questions About Emergency and Safety Problems. Appendix. Index.
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