Promoting Human Rights in Burma: A Critique of Western Sanctions Policy

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August 2007



Since 1988, when Burma's military rulers crushed a popular uprising, Western governments have promoted democracy as a panacea for the country's manifold development problems. Morten Pedersen argues that Western democracy rhetoric has not supplied the solution to these problems. Based on extensive field research, Promoting Human Rights in Burma proposes an alternative model of "critical engagement" that emphasizes more pragmatic efforts to help bring a deeply divided society together and promote socioeconomic development as the basis for longer-term political change.


Introduction: The Burmese Conundrum
Chapter 1: Western Human Rights Policy
Chapter 2: Regime Priorities and Perceptions
Chapter 3: Domestic Balance of Power
Chapter 4: Transitional Challenges
Chapter 5: Assessing Sanctions Conclusion: A Better Way to Human Rights in Burma


Morten B. Pedersen is research fellow in the Peace and Governance Programme at United Nations University.


This informative, interesting book calls attention to the West's sanctions of Burma and how they have become part of the impoverished country's problems. As the West, especially the United States, increasingly imposes economic sanctions on other countries as a first resort, this book will serve as a guide to the possible consequences of these well-meaning policies. Morten Pedersen has done extensive fieldwork to bring this very important topic to light in an accessible and compelling way. -- Zarni, founder, Free Burma Coalition and visiting research fellow, Oxford University, Founder, Free Burma Coalition and Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford University Morten Pedersen's Promoting Human Rights in Burma: A Critique of Western Sanctions Policy is a finely crafted review of a contentious topic...His research is impeccable...Pedersen offers a cogent analysis. Pacific Affairs, Fall 2008 This thoughtful and provocative book is must reading for anyone with an interest in contemporary Burma and the debates over its future. Japan Times Pedersen has made a significant contribution...This book is a must read. Contemporary Southeast Asia, December 2008 Morten Pedersen has produced a superbly well grounded and insightful analysis of a difficult topic that inspires intense passion and more than the normal share of myths that obscure fundamental realities. This book could not be more timely. The sadly ineffectual nature of Western policy toward Burma and its unintended, but painfully real, costs to the Burmese people are increasingly acknowledged and a serious rethinking of strategic approaches has begun. Pedersen's work will inform and influence this debate in ways seldom achieved by scholars. -- Matthew Daley, former deputy assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs
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