Time, Labor, and Social Domination: A Reinterpretation of Marx's Critical Theory

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Dezember 2005



A thoughtful reinterpretation of Marx's mature socioeconomic theory.


Part I. A Critique of Traditional Marxism: 1. Rethinking Marx's critique of capitalism; 2. Presuppositions of traditional Marxism; 3. The limits of traditional Marxism and the pessimistic turn of Critical Theory; Part II. Toward a Reconstruction of the Marxian Critique: The Commodity 4. Abstract labor; 5. Abstract time; 6. Habermas's critique of Marx; Part III. Toward a Reconstruction of the Marxian Critique: capital; 7. Toward a theory of capital; 8. The dialectic of labor and time; 9. The trajectory of production; 10. Concluding considerations.


'Postone has produced the best analysis of Marx's mature socioeconomic theory since David Harvey's The Limits to Capital (1982). It is obviously the fruit of long years of research and lengthy meditation. It is the kind of work that is well worth waiting for.' David McLellan, American Political Science Review 'In this complex, dense, richly argued, and rewarding monograph, Moishe Postone offers a fundamental reconstruction and reinterpretation of the core structure of Capital. The rigor and richness of Postone's arguments makes this a key book even for those with other perspectives on capitalist dynamics.' Bob Jessop, American Journal of Sociology
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