The Kristeva Reader

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Julia Kristeva is one of Europe's most brilliant and original theorists, widely acclaimed for her work in such diverse areas as linguistics, psychoanalysis, literary and political theory. The Kristeva Reader is a fully-comprehensive, easily accessible introduction to her work in English, containing a wide range of essays from all phases of Kristeva's career. The essays have been carefully selected as representative of the three main areas of her writing - semiotics, psychoanalysis and political theory - and each is prefaced by a clear, instructive introduction.


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Toril Moi is Professor of Literature and Romance Studies at Duke University and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature at Bergen University


"Toril Moi, with her usual exegetical lucidity, makes sense for us of the immensely difficult and varied aspects of Julia Kristeva's intellectual project, characterized by Moi as an attempt to 'think the unthinkable'." London Review of Books "Excellently edited and introduced by Toril Moi." City Limits
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