The Transformation Of Ajaokuta

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Before 18OO, Ajaokuta which is situated on the NigerRiver South of the Niger Benue confluence area hadalready evolved elaborate organizational structuresbased on clans and lineages. By the 1800's Europeanexplorers and traders became increasingly involved inthe affairs of the Niger region, particularly as itaffected economic activities. Upto the second half ofthe 19th century the Attah's representatives on theNiger controlled trade on his behalf. Theserepresentatives gradually became powerful, wealthy asa result of their involvement in the trade andpolitics of the area and had considerable followers. During the second half of the 19th Century, theAttah was faced with challenges especially on hiseconomic prerogatives on the Niger, particularly, bythe Europeans who by this time had becomeincreasingly involved in the economic activities ofthe region. When the Attah discovered the changingroles of the Europeans and his ambitiousrepresentatives, he further intensified efforts tomaintain his power and wealth enforcing absolutecontrol over trade on the Niger..


M.S. Audu is a senior Lecturer in the Department of Histiory & International Studies, Kogi State Univerity, Anyigba. He holds B.A. History (UDUS), M.A. (BUK), PhD, Diplomatic History (BSU). He is a member of Historical Society of Nigeria, Member Association of Nigerian Authors, and member Governing Council, Kogi State University, Anyigba.
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