Bone Engineering Scaffold Designed for Sustained Antibiotics Release

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Dezember 2015



The essential prerequisite to qualify a material as a biomaterial is that it should be biocompatible. Study and development of biomaterials for bone filling defect and replacement is one of the most important fields in orthopedic surgery. These materials could facilitate integration of osseous tissue with the implant, promoting the bone regeneration and successful cure of the osseous tissue. However, the risk of bone infection is a serious trouble associated with bone filling defect and replacement. High osteomyelitis incidence carries bone necrosis as well as relatively high mortality. This book is containing valuable information about the preparation and characterization of bioactive scaffolds which are planned to be used as bone grafts and be applied in the field of bone tissue engineering. It is also providing an innovative way to treat osteoporosis disease through drug delivery locally to the affected parts.


Dr. Mohammad M. Farag is a researcher at Biomaterials Department, National Research Center, Cairo Egypt. He was had postdoc. position at Korea Institute of Materials Science, South Korea, for 2 years, and as a trainee at Otto-Schott Institute for Glass Chemistry, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany.
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