Effective Benchmarking

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This book provides the reader with inside knowledge about the application and workability of the concept of benchmarking in different industrial contexts. It takes a practical approach, including case studies in benchmarking applications from a cross-section of industry and commerce, and promotes state-of-the-art thinking and innovation through the use of benchmarking. It is the key text for senior managers, project teams, trainers and consultants in benchmarking and quality management. Effective Benchmarking features include: 20 case studies from nine different sectors; evidence that benchmarking can help achieve competitive advantage; numerous tips and useful information.


Introduction. Part One: Office equipment/photography. Rank
Xerox Ltd: the benchmark of benchmarking. Benchmarking at Kodak Ltd.
Part Two:
Service sector. Benchmarking at TNT Express. Benchmarking
at Post
Office Counters. Benchmarking at National Roads and Motorists
Association (NRMA). Benchmarking at Royal Mail. Part Three: Financial
Service Sector. Benchmarking at Leeds Permanent Building Society.
Benchmarking at Nationwide Building Society. Part Four:
Electronics/Computer Industry. Benchmarking at Texas Instruments.
Benchmarking at IBM UK. Benchmarking at D2D. Part Five:
Telecommunications. Benchmarking at Northern Telecom Europe. Part
Six: Chemical Industry. Benchmarking at BP Chemicals. Benchmarking at
Gulf Oil. Part Seven: Aerospace Industry. Benchmarking at Westland
Helicopters. Benchmarking at Shorts. Part Eight: Automobile Industry.
Benchmarking at Rover Group. Part Nine: Health Care. Benchmarking at
Bradford Community Health NHS Trust. Benchmarking at Leicester Royal
Infirmary NHS Trust. Benchmarking studies in the NHS from the Audit
Commission. Index.


aimed for use as a practical guide,Effective Benchmarking provides the reader with an idea of the ways in which benchmarking can be applied. The book is divided into nine parts, each of which looks at different aspects of commerce and industry. For example the service sector, electronics/computers, chemicals and telecommunications - Laboratory Product Update; ...the first to be devoted entirely to practical examples of benchmarking within leading organisations. - Manufacturing Engineer; Effective Benchmarking...provides the reader with an idea of the ways in which benchmarking can be applied. - Quality Today
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