Ambient Gamma Radiation and Chemical Pollutants in Upper Egypt

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Februar 2015



In the last few years, Upper Egypt had industrial development in different industrial activities especially cement industry, which consequently increases the input of chemical pollutants and particulate matter and its related harmful substances to the atmosphere, which in turn, causing health risks. Natural sources of radiation are cosmic radiation and terrestrial radiation arising from the decay of naturally occurring radioactive substances. One hundred years of industrialization has produced and redistributed increasing amounts of radioactive matter. Industrialization releases additional radiation through mining, coal combustion, cement production, street construction and other human activities.


Mohamed Monged was born in Beni-Suif city, Egypt, in 1979. He has got his B.Sc in Chemistry in the year 2000 from Cairo University and his M.Sc degree in Physical Chemistry in 2006 from Beni-Sueif University. In November 2009, he has got his Ph.D in Chemistry from Ain-Shams University.
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