States, Ideologies, and Social Revolutions: A Comparative Analysis of Iran, Nicaragua, and the Philippines

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April 2006



Analysis of the causes and processes of revolution, drawing on the stories of Iran, Nicaragua, and the Philippines.


List of tables; Preface; Part I. Theory and Structural Background: 1. Toward a theory of revolution: linking structure and process approaches; 2. Conflict and the making of exclusive rule; 3. State intervention and contradictions; Part II: Mobilization and Collective Action: Prelude; 4. Students: relentless revolutionaries; 5. Clergy: actors with relative impunity; 6. Workers: rebels with dual targets; 7. Capitalists: reluctant rebels; Part III. Outcomes and Conclusions; 8. Coalitions, challengers, and political outcomes; 9. Summary and conclusions; Bibliography; Index.


'In this ambitious book, sociologist [Misagh] Parsa of Dartmouth College compares and contrasts the revolutions in Iran, Nicaragua, and the Philippines in a framework that draws on structural, resource mobilization, and political process theories. Highly recommended for scholars and upper-division undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of comparative social movements.' N. Entessar, Choice 'Parsa offers a fine combination of careful, nuanced empirical case studies and theoretical propositions regarding key factors omitted from structural theories of revolution. Along with other recent work influenced by the 'new institutionalism', this volume points the way toward a new and richer synthesis of structure and agency in our understanding of revolutions and revolutionary processes.' Jack A. Goldstone, American Political Science Review 'Make room on your bookshelf next to Skocpol, Tilly, and Goldstone. Mirasha Parsa's new book is a major contribution to the comparative and historical study of revolutions. Along with works of Paige and Wickham-Crowley, this book ranks among the very best analyses of revolutions in developing or Third World societies.' Jeff Goodwin, American Journal of Sociology 'A well-researched work of general interest.' U.S.I. Journal
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