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April 2000



Miriam Vermilya was a retired grade-school teacher and a well known painter and writer in Greenville, Ohio, where she lived. When she died unexpectedly in January of 1999, the Greenville Writers Group, of which she was a founding member, collected these poems into what became the winning manuscript of the 1999 Walt McDonald First-Book Competition in Poetry.


Houses The Hospitality of Chairs Kites In November Unsafe Crossings Unredeemed On Hearing of the Death of a Friend Will the Last One to Leave Please Turn Out the Lights? Pressure When the Second Chance Cloning Clinic Opens Not Writing a Poem "Provide, Provide" Summerfield's Steakhouse, Detroit Ode to Schultz Motors My Mother's Lips Nitro Theme and Variations "Heart and Soul" Leaving Performance Art Heartwood Patchwork The Banjo Player My Cousin Charlotte, Dancing Cecropia Wa'hela Tells Her Side Le Dejeuner sur l'Herbe Early Birds The Same Old Story Ten Items or Less Remembering the Horses The Rector's Wife Part of the Bargain Washing the Clothes of the Dead Naming the Birds Reclamation Another Season Interior Weather False Spring "To Build a Fire" Windows North from Dahlonega The Nearsighted Love Ephemeroptera Where Old Love Lies
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