Water and Power: The Politics of a Scarce Resource in the Jordan River Basin

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Februar 2003



Why do states in arid regions fail to co-operate in sharing water resources when co-operation would appear to be in their mutual interest? Miriam Lowi explores the answers to these critical questions.


l. Introduction: conflict and cooperation in international river basins; Part I. RIPARIAN DILEMMAS: 2. The environment of conflict in the Jordan basin; 3. Riparian disputes compared; Part II. THE JORDAN WATERS CONFLICT: 4. The Johnston mission to the Middle East (l953-l956); 5. Perception and misperception: the Jordan waters crisis (l964) and the onset of war; Part III. THE JORDAN BASIN SINCE l967: 6. Water and development in Israel and Jordan; 7. Riparian relations and the perception of conflict; 8. Riparian disputes since l967; 9. Conclusion: the conduct of riparian disputes and the potential for cooperation in international river basins.


'This excellent, readable and timely study will be of great value to a wide audience: international relations scholars, Middle East specialists, hydrologists, environmental scholars and those concerned generally with resource conflicts.' International Affairs '[The] work offers insight not only on a regional matter of complexity and importance, but also on the problems faced in many parts of the world where political issues transcend lines drawn on maps.' Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Secretary General of the United Nations 'Using the dispute between Israel and its Arab neighbours over the waters of the Jordan River as a case study, Miriam R. Lowi has given us an excellent analysis of this intractable problem ...' Robert G. Gilpin, Princeton University
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