Darning the Wear of Time: Survey and Annotated Bibliography of Periodical Literature of Costume Conservation, Restoration, and Documentation

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Februar 2000



Minimizing the marks of time on clothing is a formidable challenge. Costumes reflect the cultural, religious, and ethnic elements of society. Maintaining and recording them is an important pursuit to many professionals including anthropologists, archeologists, museum curators, designers, and archivists.


Miranda Howard Haddock is Visual Resources Librarian at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


... the field of historic costume will benefit from the publication of this book. Journal Of Family and Consumer Sciences A comprehensive reference tool for museum curators, archivists, and designers. Fiberarts Magazine ...the author has been able to identify the most recent information and findings. Reference Reviews Readers interested in textile conservation will judge this book a compelling thriller...This work stands apart from others of its type..As a key to exploring interests or serious research, this book perfectly fits the lock. Piecework Recommended for academic libraries supporting programs in costume and museum management, and for museum libraries. CHOICE
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