The Cambridge Companion to Feminism in Philosophy

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The thirteen specially-commissioned essays in this volume are designed to provide an accessible and stimulating guide through an area of philosophical thought and literature that has seen massive expansion in recent years. They encompass all the core subject areas commonly taught in anglophone undergraduate and graduate philosophy courses, offering both an overview of and a contribution to the relevant debates. This volume will be essential reading for any student or teacher of philosophy who is curious about the place of feminism in their subject.


Introduction Miranda Fricker and Jennifer Hornsby; 1. Feminism in ancient philosophy: The feminist stake in Greek rationalism Sabina Lovibond; 2. Feminism in philosophy of mind: The question of personal identity Susan James; 3. Feminism in philosophy of mind: Against physicalism Naomi Scheman; 4. Feminism and psychoanalysis: Using Melanie Klein Sarah Richmond; 5. Feminism in philosophy of language: Communicative speech acts Jennifer Hornsby; 6. Feminism in metaphysics: Negotiating the natural Sally Haslanger; 7. Feminism in epistemology: Exclusion and objectification Rae Langton; 8. Feminism in epistemology: Pluralism without postmodernism Miranda Fricker; 9. Feminism in philosophy of science: Making sense of contingency and constraint Alison Wylie; 10. Feminism in political philosophy: Women's difference Diemut Bubeck; 11. Feminism in ethics: Conceptions of autonomy Marilyn Friedman; 12. Feminism in ethics: Moral justification Alison Jaggar; 13. Feminism in history of ideas: Appropriating the past Genevieve Lloyd.


'A splendid set of essays ... not only introduces students of analytical philosophy to the riches of feminism, but will also interest and invigorate feminists.' Mind 'This splendid set of essays by thirteen women is a new sort of Cambridge Companion, a companion to a movement in philosophy rather than to one philosopher's work ... this is a book which not merely introduces students of analytic philosophy to the riches of feminism but will also interest and invigorate feminists.' Annette Baier 'The book will be a very valuable aid to teaching, since its articles explore the ways in which bodies of feminist work bear upon, elaborate, or criticize the mainstream philosophical views and concepts with which students will be familiar ... I highly recommend the Companion as an essential addition for anyone working or teaching in feminist philosophy.' Women's Philosophy Review 'It is an excellent volume of essays.' Hypatia
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