Mughal and Rajput Painting

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The Mughals seized political power in north India in 1526 and became the most important artistically active Muslim dynasty on the subcontinent. In this richly illustrated work, Dr. Milo Beach shows how Mughal patronage of the arts was radically innovative for the Indian context and profoundly altered the character of painting in the Rajput Hindu areas of north India. He reveals the different styles and subjects of Mughal and Rajput painting and the interplay of the two traditions. Beach also explores the tolerance each showed toward outside influence and change, demonstrating a uniquely Indian attitude towards the arts.


List of illustrations; General editor's preface; Preface; Introduction;
1. Painting in North India before 1540;
2. 1540-80: painting at Muslim courts;
3. 1580-1600: the new imperial style and its impact;
4. 1600-60: Mughal painting and the rise of local workshops;
5. 1600-1700: the growth of local styles;
6. 1700-1800: the dominance of Rajput painting;
7. 1800-58: traditionalism and new influences; Appendix; Bibliographical essay; Index.


"Beach's work is a sumptuous survey of the history of this long tradition...The strengths of the work lie in Beach's expertise, diligent research, and perceptive insights into the particular origins and peculiar techniques, as well as in the 195 plates (16 of them in color.) Indispensable for South Asia collections and equally valuable for the cognoscenti." Choice "Mughal and Rajput Painting provides a useful and stimulating resume of current knowledge." Times Literary Supplement
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