Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the Romance of Politics 1819-1869

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This is the first full modern biography of Ernest Jones (1819-69), the last of the Chartist leaders. This book combines an account of his colourful political career in the age of reform with an overdue assessment of his literary achievement.


Preface ; List of Abbreviations ; List of Plates ; Introduction ;
1. A German Childhood ;
2. Karl, or Literary Life in London 1839-45 ;
3. The Poet as Patriot 1846-48 ;
4. The Poet as Martyr 1848-50 ;
5. The Poor Man's Editor 1850-59 ;
6. The People's Advocate 1860-65 ;
7. The People's Champion 1866-67 ;
8. Manchester 1868 ; Epilogue ; Bibliography


Ernest Jones is the last of the major Chartist leaders to have received a modern biography, and in this volume Miles Taylor does the job splendidly. Thoroughly researched, beautifully written ... the biography offers a bold and convincing interpretation of a man whose enigmatic life has confused and frustrated generations of Chartist scholars. History Jones was a fantasist with no money, a man with aspirations to grandeur beyond his means, a failure in most things except in establishing his own heroically romantic reputation. In this last alone he succeeded. Miles Taylor tells us why and how. History Taylor has written an immensely readable account, putting straight the record about some of Jones' romantic claims without debunking or ridiculing the man himself. The Times Higher Education Supplement ... of great interest to anyone wanting to understand some of the realities of life in the mid-Victorian period. The Times Higher Education Supplement Miles Taylor has done outstanding work as a sifter of documentation ... an excellent book. London Review of Books Miles Taylor has assembled the evidence of an unfashionable life with enormous care. London Review of Books Taylor's excellent, wide-ranging book shows the variety of elements that made up a mid-nineteenth-century political personality ... Jones's complex psychology is conveyed with great skill. Matt Shinn, Times Literary Supplement
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