The Outlaw Statesman: The Life and Times of Fred Tecumseh Waite

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The mlange of works dealing with personalities emerging from the Lincoln County, New Mexico War have treated Fred Waite shabbily. Although many writers have termed him the best friend of Billy the Kid, he has never been properly researched. From the earliest work Waite has been portrayed as a minor character drifting into Lincoln just in time to get hired into a shooting war, and who then faded into obscurity. The truth, as presented in this book, is far different for Waite was a wealthy adventurer drawn into the conflict by circumstance rather than a rogue hireling. It's even probable he was an investor in John Tunstall's grand design for dominating Southeast New Mexico. Moreover, after this adventure he did not pale into the background. Rather, Fred Waite, the outlaw, while battling Federal attempts to dismantle his people's government, brightened into the dynamic and respected statesman F. Tecumseh Waite. It's a remarkable story, one you owe to yourself to read.

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