Tourism and Sustainability: Principles to Practice

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September 1997



Tourism is at the forefront of the debate on development versus sustainability. The challenge facing the industry is to translate principles into practice and attain a balance between the objectives of tourism development and the long-term conservation of physical, ecological and sociocultural environments. This book addresses these issues, particularly from economic, ethical and environmental perspectives. It is divided into four parts: concepts, theories and methodological issues; the tourism industry's promotion of sustainable tourism; minimizing the environmental impact of alternative forms of tourism; and policy perspectives. The book includes a wide range of case studies and destinations where tourism is rapidly developing in fragile environments. It represents important reading for advanced students, research workers and industry practitioners in tourism, whether from the perspective of geography, sociology, economics, marketing or planning.


An overview of the sustainable tourism debate; sustainable development or development?; here we go, here we go, here we eco; sustainable tourism - from concept to reality; sustainable tourism and the local economy; redefining sustainability - a structural approach; sustainable tourism as a business strategy; sustainable tourism - a marketing perspective; Wordsworth, sustainable tourism and the private sector - a case study of a sustainable tourism partnership in the Lake District; local environment protection initiative in Crete; tropical forest eco tourism - two promising projects in Belize; the sustainability of ecotourism; strategies for sustainability - lessons from Goa and the Seychelles; sustainability and the consumption of tourism; small-scale tourism development in Malaysia; sustainable tourism - a Spanish perspective on a quality product; anthropologists, local communities and a sustainable tourist development; principles influencing the determination of environmental standards for sustainable tourism; the effectiveness of sustainable tourism policies in Scotland; the community show - a mythology of resident responsive tourism; tourism and the environment in Madagascar.
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