Sociology and Health Care

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"The author's agenda in writing the book was to provoke critical thinking and awareness and to move beyond the simplistic rhetoric that so often characterizes much of public debate on health care matters.I have no doubt that he has achieved these aims...and more."
Sociology Volume 43, Number 3, June 2009"Sociology & Health Care is easy to read and offers an introduction into selected, but key areas, of the sociology of health and illness. It is a useful book for health care students as well as health care workers who are interested in the social aspects of their work, their job and how it all fits into the wider society."
Sociological Research Online
  • Are patients 'customers'? What does this mean for the patient-practitioner relationship?
  • What should the relationship be between expert knowledge and our own experiences when dealing with health and illness?
  • Do people who are better off get better access to health care?
Debates about the future of health care bring questions about patient choice, paternalism and inequalities to the fore. This book addresses some of the sociological issues surrounding these questions including:
  • The social distribution of knowledge
  • The basis of professional power
  • Sources of social inequalities in health
  • The ability of health care services to address these issues
The book provides suggestions and examples of how sociological concepts and insights can be used to help think about important contemporary issues in health care. For that reason, it has a practical as well as academic purpose, contributing to improvement of the quality of interaction between patients and practitioners. The core themes running throughout the book are inequalities in health and the rise of chronic disease, with particular attention being given to psycho-social models of illness which locate individual experiences within wider social relationships.Sociology and Health Care is key reading for student nurses and those on allied health courses, and also appeals to a wide range of professionals who are interested in current debates in health and social care.


PrefaceHealth care and the sociological imagination
Whose knowledge matters?
Science, values, emotion and tradition
Diagnosis, meaning and experience
Patients, clients and professionals
Society, health and health care
The social distribution of health
Society, relationships and health
Work, control and health
Inequality and access to health care
Conclusion: Trust, choice and responsibility
Appendix: Marx, Weber, Durkheim and SimmelIndex


Mike Sheaff graduated in Psychology, with and MA and PhD in Industrial Relations. He is currently Head of Social Policy and the Sociology Subject Group at the University of Plymouth. Mike has wide experience of the NHS, including being a theatre porter and union activist and currently a Non Executive Director of a Primary Care Trust.
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