Inclusive Mathematics 11-18

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It has been speculated that all learners are capable of sophisticated mathematical thought if given supportive environments and challenging stimuli. Inclusive Mathematics 11-18 provides a timely guide for teachers wishing to eradicate underachievement and to ensure that all students, whatever their learning styles, backgrounds or abilities, benefit as fully as possible from their teaching.


Context; learning environment; teaching styles; classroom organization; grasping; curriculum; inclusive approaches to mathematical topics; assessment; reflection and professional development.


Mike Ollerton taught for 25 years in schools and 10 years in teacher training. He is now a freelance consultant. Anne Watson is Reader in Mathematics Education at the University of Oxford. Her interests include exemplification and task design in mathematics teaching and learning; the use of fine-grained approaches to analysis of mathematics interaction within socio-cultural perspectives; the role of mathematics education in social justice issues. She teaches PGCE Secondary Mathematics and leads a small group of Mathematics Education researchers who focus on mathematical thinking in school contexts.


This is one of those rare texts which one can wholeheartedly recommend to teachers across the whole spectrum from idealistic novice to fatigued veteran it is intellectually provocative and intensely practical. Dr. William Higginson, Queen's University, Canada
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