Consumer Culture and Postmodernism

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August 2007



The first edition of this contemporary classic can claim to have put 'consumer culture' on the map, certainly in relation to postmodernism. This expanded new edition includes:
  • a fully revised preface that explores the developments in consumer culture since the first edition
  • a major new chapter on 'Modernity and the Cultural Question'
  • an update on postmodernism and the development of contemporary theory after postmodernism
  • an account of multiple and alternative modernities
  • the challenges of consumer culture in Japan and China.
The result is a book that shakes the boundaries of debate, from one of the foremost writers on culture and postmodernism of the present day.


Modern and Postmodern
Theories Of Consumer Culture
Towards a Sociology Of Postmodern Culture
Cultural Change and Social Practice
The Aestheticization of Everyday Life
Lifestyle and Consumer Culture
City Cultures and Postmodern Lifestyles
Consumer Culture and Global Disorder
Common Culture or Uncommon Cultures?
The Globalization of Diversity
Modernity and the Cultural Question


Mike Featherstone is Professor of Communications and Sociology at Nottingham Trent University.

Zygmunt Bauman University of Leeds
Henning Bech University of Copenhagen
Elizabeth Beck-Gernsheim Universtiy of Erlangen
Mary Evans University of Kent at Canterbury
David Frisby University of Glasgow
Mike Hepworth University of Aberdeen
Eva Illouz Tel-Aviv University
Maria Esther Maciel Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Michael Richardson SOAS, University of London
Laura Rival University of Kent at Canterbury
Andrew Travers Somerset
Jeffrey Weeks South Bank University
Sasha Weitman Tel-Aviv University
Sam Whimster London Guildhall University
Elizabeth Wilson University of North London
Cas Wouters University of Utrecht
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