Pragmatic Project Automation: How to Build, Deploy, and Monitor Java Applications

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Forget wizards, you need a slave--someone to do your repetitive, tedious and boring tasks, without complaint and without pay, so you'll have more time to design and write exciting code. Indeed, that's what computers are for. You can enlist your own computer to automate all of your project's repetitive tasks, ranging from individual builds and running unit tests through to full product release, customer deployment, and monitoring the system.

Many teams try to do these tasks by hand. That's usually a really bad idea: people just aren't as good at repetitive tasks as machines. You run the risk of doing it differently the one time it matters, on one machine but not another, or doing it just plain wrong. But the computer can do these tasks for you the same way, time after time, without bothering you. You can transform these labor-intensive, boring and potentially risky chores into automatic, background processes that just work.

In this eagerly anticipated book, you'll find a variety of popular, open-source tools to help automate your project. With this book, you will learn:* How to make your build processes accurate, reliable, fast, and easy.
* How to build complex systems at the touch of a button.
* How to build, test, and release software automatically, with no human intervention.
* Technologies and tools available for automation: which to use and when.
* Tricks and tips from the masters (do you know how to have your cell phone tell you that your build just failed?)
You'll find easy-to-implement recipes to automate your Java project, using the same popular style as the rest of our Jolt Productivity Award-winning Starter Kit books. Armed with plenty of examples and concrete, pragmatic advice, you'll find it's easy to get started and reap the benefits of modern software development. You can begin to enjoy pragmatic, automatic, unattended software production that's reliable and accurate every time.


About the Starter Kit Preface 1 Introduction 1.1 Look Ma, No Hands! 1.2 Types of Automation 1.3 Questions About Automation. 1.4 Road Map 2 One-Step Builds 2.1 Building Software Is Like Making Sausage 2.2 Choosing a Project Directory Structure 2.3 Making Your First Build. 2.4 Building with Ant 2.5 Taste-Testing the Build. 2.6 Cleaning Up 2.7 Scripting a Build. 2.8 Getting an Early Start. 3 Scheduled Builds 3.1 Scheduling Your First Build 3.2 Putting a Build on CruiseControl 3.3 Running CruiseControl. 3.4 Publishing the Build Status. 3.5 Scaling Up. 4 Push-Button Releases 4.1 Releasing Early and Often 4.2 Preparing for Your First Release 4.3 Packaging the Release 4.4 Generating the Release 4.5 Tagging the Release 4.6 Handing Off the Release 4.7 Automating the Release Procedure. 4.8 Generating Daily Distributions 5 Installation and Deployment 5.1 Delivering the Goods 5.2 Installing the Standard Distribution File 5.3 Troubleshooting by Phone 5.4 Troubleshooting with Diagnostic Tests 5.5 Enhancing Your Installed Image. 5.6 Deploying Hosted Applications. 5.7 Auto-Updating Installed Applications 6 Monitoring 6.1 Monitoring Scheduled Builds 6.2 Getting Feedback from Visual Devices 6.3 Monitoring Your Java Process 6.4 Checking Up on Your Web Application. 6.5 Watching Log Files 6.6 Monitoring with log4j. 6.7 Building Trip Wires with RSS 6.8 Monitoring Health with a Debug Command 6.9 Creating a Crash Report 6.10 3-2-1 6.11 Automate! A Resources A.1 On the Web A.2 Bibliography B Pragmatic Project Automation: Summary


Mike Clarkis a consultant, author, speaker, and programmer. He is
the author of Pragmatic Project Automation (The Pragmatic Bookshelf,
2004), editor of, a frequent speaker at software
development conferences, and the creator of several popular open
source tools. Mike helps teams build better software faster through
his company, Clarkware Consulting.

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