American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader

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Dezember 2002



American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader gathers together leading scholars of American literature to uniquely engage the strategies and methods prominent in literary scholarship today: Each has chosen an essay that he or she considers to be a classic in the field, which he or she then introduces, explaining why it is both exemplary in its approach and central to the issues that most engage American literary scholarship today. This volume serves as a starting point for teachers and students to explore the fundamental questions of American literary scholarship: What does "method" mean in literary studies? Which texts should it study? What makes literary study unique? What should literary scholarship do? American Literary Studies answers these questions by clearly articulating problems of methodology in American literary studies. Contributors include: Lauren Berlant, Russ Castronovo, War Chee Dimock, Ann DuCille, Michael A. Elliott, Frances Smith Faster, Elaine A. Jahner, Rob Kroes, Arnold Krupat, Paul Lauter, Marilee Lindemann, W.T. Lhamon, Jr., Christopher Looby, David Palumbo-Liu, Roy Harvey Pearce, Lora Romero, Ramon Saldivar, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, Werner Sollors, Claudia Stokes, Claudia Tate, Paula A. Treichler, Priscilla Wald, Michael Warner, Laura Wexler, and Sau-ling C. Wong


"Offers insight into the dynamics of race, class, gender and sexuality."
-"Hispanic LInk Weekly Report",
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