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Since the publication of its first edition in 1911, Women's Wear Daily has long been considered the bible of fashion. From 1960 to 1991, illustration was prominently featured in this daily report. Fairchild's staff of illustrators was able to capture the spirit of the moment be it glamour, the space age, or exotica. The illustrations were not necessarily meant to sell the fashion, but rather to comment on it and predict consumer reaction. WWD Illustrated: 1960s 1990s is a comprehensive and long overdue volume that celebrates the Fairchild artists' contribution to fashion.


* Introduction * The Sixties - Context and Images * The Seventies - Context and Images * The Eighties - Conext and Images * The Nineties - Context and Images TEXT FEATURES * Artwork from artists such as Pedro Barrios, Kenneth Paul Block, Antonio Lopez, Robert Passantino, Steven Stipelman, as well as many others, that chronicles lifestyle, social history and culture while showing the relationships between fashion illlustrations and movements in fine art. * Drawing techniques and use of illustrations to comment on fashion and predict consumer reaction ** No review copies available for this title


Michele Wesen Bryant is an adjunct in the Fashion Design Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She also teaches flats and specs at Parsons School of Design. Bryant has been working in the fashion industry for over 20 years, having had fashion illustrations appear in Vogue, YM, Seventeen, Brides, Women's Wear Daily, Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping.
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