1,000 Italian Recipes

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– Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Chef, Restaurateur, Cookbook Author, and Host of PBS' s Lidia' s Italian-American Kitchen


Acknowledgments. Introduction. The Italian Pantry. Kitchen Equipment. Menus. Antipasti. Cheese Antipasti. Vegetable Antipasti. Egg Antipasti. Meat Antipasti. Seafood Antipasti. Dips and Spreads. Bruschetta and Crostini. Fried Antipasti. Salads. Green Salads. Tomato Salads. Vegetable Salads. Salads with Fruit. Fish Salads. Dressings. Soups. Broths. Bean, Grain, and Legume Soups. Vegetable Soups. Egg Soups. Meat and Fish Soups. Sauces. Tomato Sauces. Meat Sauces (Ragu). Other Pasta Sauces. Sauces for Meat and Fish. Pasta. Dried Pasta with Vegetables. Dried Pasta with Tomatoes. Dried Pasta with Cheese and Eggs. Dried Pasta with Meat. Dried Pasta with Seafood. Fresh Pasta. Lasagne. Stuffed Fresh Pasta. Fresh Gnocchi. Other Fresh Pasta. Rice, Cornmeal, and Other Grains. Rice. Cornmeal. Farro and Barley. Eggs. Fried, Poached, and Baked Eggs. Scrambled Eggs. Frittatas. Fish and Shellfish. Fillets and Steaks. Whole Fish. Salted and Dried Fish. Shrimp, Lobster, and Scallops. Clams and Mussels. Calamari, Octopus, and Conch. Mixed Seafood. Poultry. Chicken Cutlets (Scaloppine). Chicken Parts. Whole Chicken and Capon. Turkey, Duck, and Quail. Meat. Steaks. Beef Stews and Braises. Meatballs and Ground Beef Dishes. Beef Roasts. Veal Cutlets (Scaloppine). Veal Chops. Veal Stews. Veal Shanks. Veal Roasts. Other Veal Dishes. Pork Sausages. Pork Ribs and Chops. Pork Tenderloins and Roasts. Lamb Chops. Lamb Stews and Braises. Rabbit. Vegetables. Artichokes. Asparagus. Beans. Broccoli, Broccoli Rabe, and Cauliflower. Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage. Cardoons. Carrots. Eggplant. Fennel. Green and Wax Beans. Leafy Greens. Mushrooms. Onions. Peas. Peppers. Potatoes. Tomatoes. Zucchini and Winter Squash. Mixed Vegetables. Breads, Pizzas, Savory Pies, and Sandwiches. Breads. Flatbreads and Breadsticks. Pizzas and Turnovers. Savory Pies. Italian Sandwiches (Panini). Fruit, Ice Cream, and Spoon Desserts. Fruit Desserts. Spoon Desserts. Italian Ices. Ice Cream (Gelato). Dessert Sauces. Cookies, Cakes, Tarts, and Pastries. Basic Cookies. Chocolate Cookies. Nut Cookies. Plain Cakes. Cakes with Fruit. Cakes with Ricotta. Chocolate Cakes. Cakes with Dried Fruit and Nuts. Bread Puddings. Tarts. Pastries. Italian Wines. Glossary. Sources. Bibliography. Index. About the Author.


Michele Scicolone is the author or coauthor of nine cookbooks, including the blockbuster bestseller The Sopranos Family Cookbook. She has written for Gourmet, Food & Wine, Better Homes and Gardens, Prevention, Wine Spectator, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. She has appeared on the CBS Morning Show, Good Morning America, and Cooking Live, which she has also hosted. She teaches at cooking schools around the country, including De Gustibus in New York. She lives in New York City.

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