Pregnancy and Parenting After Thirty-Five: Mid Life, New Life

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More and more women are having babies after the age of thirty-five and experiencing the joy of motherhood. But mothers-to-be in this age group sometimes face unique medical, emotional, and social challenges. Conception may be difficult and the risk of miscarriage during early pregnancy is higher, as is the potential for complications such as hypertension and diabetes. And having a child later in life can also be surprisingly disruptive to well-established domestic routines and carefully cultivated careers. Michele Moore and Caroline de Costa -- two physicians who have been down this road themselves -- offer reliable medical expertise and personal reassurance to women tackling these challenges. Pregnancy and Parenting after Thirty-Five covers a broad range of issues for mothers in mid life, from the possibility of Cesarean section to the awkwardness of being the oldest mom at PTA meetings to the joy of holding your infant in your arms. Incorporating the stories of real women who have gone through mid-life pregnancy, Moore and de Costa have created a valuable resource that will help other women do so realistically and with confidence. One of the few books devoted to prospective mothers over thirty-five, this one also includes information on surrogacy, adoption, and the first few months of being a new mother.


Michele C. Moore, M.D., has a practice that emphasizes integrated preventive health care, focusing on chronic illnesses, allergies, environmental medicine, and acupuncture. She has written and lectured extensively on women's health care and holistic medicine and is the author of The Only Menopause Guide You'll Need and co-author, with Caroline de Costa, of Cesarean Section: Understanding and Celebrating Your Baby's Birth. Caroline M. de Costa, M.D., is a practicing obstetrician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology at James Cook University Medical School, Cairns, Australia.


A guide to the unique social, medical, and personal challenges of pregnancy and childbirth in later life. Library Journal 2006
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