The Lure of Anti-Semitism: Hatred of Jews in Present-Day France

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September 2007



This book is the first scientific study of present-day French anti-Semitism. As from the beginning of the 21st century France has been witness to a renewal of anti-Semitism which owes as much to internal developments in French society as to global factors and in particular to the conflict in the Middle East.


1. What Do the Statistics Tell Us?
2. In Schools
3. Changes in the Public Sphere
4. The Shoah: Deficit, Plethora and Loss of Meaning
5. Global Anti-Semitism
6. The Jews in France: Developments and Concerns Conclusion PART TWO GHETTO ANTI-SEMITISM Introduction
7. Anti-Semitism (almost) without Jews
8. The Power of the Imagination
9. A Sociological Intervention
10. Muslim Anti-Semitism: The View from Prison Conclusion PART THREE ANTI-SEMITISM AND COMMUNITIES Introduction
11. The Jews, the ChaldoAssyrians and the Others
12. Anti-Semitism at Local Level
13. An Unusual Variant of 'Global' Anti-Semitism
14. "Why There Were No Clashes in Sarcelles"
15. The Marseilles Counterpoint: The Pieds-noirs and the Jews PART FOUR IN ALSACE Introduction
16. The Fears of the Jews in Alsace
17. Malaise in the Alsatian Countryside
18. Two Extreme Right Political Forces, Two Anti-Semitic Rationales
19. Mohammed Latreche and the Parti des musulmans de France
20. Desecrations Conclusion PART FIVE IN THE UNIVERSITIES Introduction
21. Boycotting Israel
22. Two Extreme Cases of Anti-Zionism
23. Leftism in Decline and Extreme Anti-Zionism Conclusion PART SIX ANTI-SEMITISM: A QUESTION IN SCHOOLS? Introduction
24. The Clamour of the Media and the Silence of the Teachers
25. Dealing with the Shoah in Schools
26. Ethnic Diversity in Schools
27. Abuse and Attacks
28. Anti-Semitism in Schools and Globalisation General Conclusion


Michel Wieviorka, Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, and President of the International Sociological Association. He has published in particular on racism (The Arena of Racism, 1995) and on terrorism (The Making of Terrorism, 2003).
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