The Libertine Reader

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September 1997



Irresistibly charming or shamelessly deceitful, remarkably persuasive or uselessly verbose, everything one loves to hate--or hates to love--about "French lovers" and their self-styled reputation can be traced to the eighteenth-century libertine novels represented here.


Part 1 Natural utopias: Supplement to Bougainville's voyage, Denis Diderot (introduction by Marcel Henaff); On the education of women, Choderlos de Laclos (introduction by Chantal Thomas). Part 2 Oriental dreams: The sofa, Crebillon fils (introduction by Jean Sgard); The indiscreet jewels, Denis Diderot (introduction by Chantal Thomas); The story of a modern Greek woman, Abbe Prevost (introduction by Joan De Jean). Part 3 Ways of the world: No tomorrow, Vivant Denon (introduction by Catherine Cusset; The Wayward head and heart, Crebillon fils (introduction by catherine Cusset; Dangerous liaisons, Choderlos de laclos (introduction by Michel Feber; Florville and Courval, Marquis de Sade (introduction by Marcel Henaff; a selected chronology of 18th-century France.


Michel Feher is a founding editor and publisher of Zone Books. He is the author of Powerless by Design: The Age of the International Community and the editor of Fragments for a History of The Human Body (with Ramona Naddaff and Nadia Tazi).
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