Frobenius Splitting Methods in Geometry and Representation Theory

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Systematically develops the theory of Frobenius splittings and covers all its major developments.
Concise, efficient exposition unfolds from basic introductory material on Frobenius splittings-definitions, properties and examples-to cutting edge research.


* Preface * Frobenius Splitting: General Theory * Frobenius Splitting * Schubert Varieties * Splitting and Filtration * Cotangent Bundles of Flag Varieties * Group Embeddings * Hilbert Schemes of Points * Bibliography * Index


From the reviews:
"The present momgraphy is the first exposition in book form of this theory and of its major applications. Each section of the book is complemented with exerices; each chapter ends with useful comments, and open problems are suggested throughout. The book leads clearly and rapidly an interested reader from basic results to the research level." ---Zentralblatt MATH
"The book is an excellent source for getting familiar with the recent developments in geometric and representation theoretic questions in the theory of algebraic groups, mainly in characteristic p." ---Monatshefte für Mathematik
"This is a truly fantastic book. It is the first comprehensive text on Frobenius splitting and its applications to geometry and representation theory. If this was a one-paragraph review, I would say buy the book, study it carefully and then apply the contents to a research project'. The readers (and the reviewer) are in the authors'debt."(MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS)
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