Lean Assembly

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Lean Assembly differs from most other books on lean manufacturing in that it focuses on technical content as a driver for implementation methods. The emphasis is on exactly what should be done. This book should be the "dog-eared" and "penciled-in" resource on every assembly engineer's desk.


A: Analysis Techniques
Chapter 1: Key issues of assembly operations
Chapter 2: Product quantity analysis
Chapter 3: Trend and seasonality analysis
Chapter 4: Takt time and capacity PART
B: Assembly Concepts
Chapter 5: Visualizing the assembly process
Chapter 6: The concept of the assembly line
Chapter 7: Collecting assembly time data
Chapter 8: Line balancing PART
C: Detailed Design
Chapter 9: Assembly station sizing
Chapter 10: Detailed design of assembly stations
Chapter 11: Part presentation
Chapter 12: Conveyance between stations
Chapter 13: Assembly cells
Chapter 14: Overall shape of assembly lines PART
D: Assembly Quality
Chapter 15: Preventing picking errors
Chapter 16: Inspection, test, and rework operations Bibliography Index
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Untertitel: The Nuts and Bolts of Making Assembly Operations Flow. Illustrations (some col. ). Sprache: Englisch.
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