spatial pattern of street begging in Nigeria

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Juni 2011



Beggars are commonly found in Public places of Nigerian cities. Following this observation, this study examined the spatial distribution of beggars in Osogbo, the Osun state capital. It was discovered tha street beggars are commonly found in commercial areas, road junctions and religious centres. The study also revealed that there is no significant correlation between street begging and physical disabilities. Beggars constitute serious economic, social and physical menace to the society as beggars contribute nothing to city's economy but rather constitute eyesores to passers-by,constituting visual pollutants, increasing land pollution and water pollution as they dispose indiscriminately on the road. It was therefore, recommended that begging activities should be proscribed in public places.Government should make it mandatory for all Local Government Areas in the state to provide a rehabilitation centre for the beggars. This should be supported by Non governmental Organisations


Adetunji lectures in the Dept of Urban and Regional Planning, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso. He holds N.C.E. (St Andrew's College of Education, Oyo, Nigeria),B.Sc. in Geography (University of Jos, Nigeria) and M.U.R.P. (University of Ibadan, Nigeria). He is a registered Town Planner. He has published a number of journal articles nationally and internationally
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